Republican senator: Ukraine should cede land, cut deal with Putin to end war




NEW DELHI: JD Vance, Republican senator of Ohio, recently expressed his views on the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia, suggesting that Ukraine should consider territorial concessions to reach a peace agreement with Russia. Vance downplayed Russia’s military strength under President Vladimir Putin, doubting Russia’s ability to conquer all of Ukraine or extend its reach further west into Europe.He emphasized the need for negotiation, saying, “It ends the way nearly every single war has ever ended: when people negotiate and each side gives up something that it doesn’t want to give up.”
Vance further elaborated that a resolution to the conflict is unlikely without Ukraine making some territorial concessions from its 1991 boundaries. He previously mentioned on CNN’s “State of the Union” that it would be in “America’s best interest … to accept Ukraine is going to have to cede some territory to the Russians.”
This statement comes as Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is set to meet with US Congress members to seek further aid. Vance, along with other Republicans, has opposed President Joe Biden’s proposed aid package, which includes support for Ukraine and Israel and funding for US border operations.
President Joe Biden has asked Congress for $61.4 billion for wartime funding for Ukraine as part of a $110 billion package that also includes money for Israel and other national security priorities. But the request is caught up in a debate over US immigration policy and border security. The US has already provided Ukraine $111 billion for its fight against Russia’s 2022 invasion.
“If there’s anyone inspired by unresolved issues on Capitol Hill, it’s just (Russian President Vladimir) Putin and his sick clique,” Zelenskyy told an audience of military leaders and students at the National Defense University. “Ukrainians haven’t given up and won’t give up. We know what to do. And you can count on Ukraine. And we hope just as much to be able to count on you.”
The Republicans demand that any funding be contingent on implementing stricter US border policies. Other Republicans, like Florida governor Ron DeSantis, have questioned the US’s national interest in supporting Ukraine. DeSantis, a potential 2024 presidential candidate, initially stated that protecting Ukraine was not a vital US interest but later labeled Putin a war criminal.
In September, Rep Matt Gaetz of Florida proposed an amendment to a defense funding bill to stop military assistance to Ukraine. Although the amendment failed, it received support from 93 Republican votes.
When asked about the US’s commitment to Nato allies under Article 5, which states that an attack on one Nato country is an attack on all, Vance affirmed the need to honor this commitment. However, he expressed skepticism about Putin attacking a Nato ally.
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